Saturday, 11 January 2014


Hi there -just a quick card to share with you that a friend made for my birthday yesterday:

Fab isn't it? ( I am trying to persuade said friend to start a blog ).

I used to get upset when I was small because whenever you would see note pads or fridge magnets etc. in seaside shops they would never have my name! But I have now had a card made especially for me..... how lucky am I!!

I have got LOT'S of birthday crafty goodies in the post on their way to me so I will be a very happy bunny when they arrive!

Back in a sec with more hearts. TTFN.

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  1. Hi Eve

    Belated happy birthday wishes to you Eve. I hope you had a lovely birthday.

    Ooooo... I wonder what crafty birthday goodies are on the way!!

    Keep working on the "said friend" .. .. her crafty work looks lovely. The card she made for you is beautiful. Love the ribbon feature!

    Love Jules xx


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