Saturday, 31 May 2014

To bin or not to bin - that is the question!!

Good morning lovely blog people!
I am not sure whether today's card is worthy of showing - I will let you be the judge.
The reasons being:
 I have cased it from the super talented Jennifer McGuire and it went a bit wrong! Here is a link to her card and video
As you can see the fold is not write and mine looks a bit rubbish!!
The second reason is that someone who has entered the same challenge at Clearly Besotted had the same idea and also cased Jennifer's card and hers looks amazing :(

Here is the card in question!

I used the Clearly Besotted stamp set and dies. (Bravely cutting the sentiment in two!)

There seems to be a problem with my 'card happiness' at the moment - hopefully things will improve soon!
Thanks for visiting my blog today and putting up with my moaning!
Hope you have a lovely weekend.
Eve x

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  1. Funny that I'm catching up with you and reading this at a time when I just wrote a moaning post about "happy accidents!" You can't win 'em all, right, Eve?! We just keep on and as I could glimpse on my scroll to here, it looks like you recovered with your newer post! This is still a very pretty card that someone will be delighted to receive!! Hugs, Darnell


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